Baseline reconstruction, NORM & dose modelling

Don't have any baseline data for your operations? Let qRAD Consulting reconstruct this important information for you - and get your rehabilitation program back on track!

Need a NORM Management Plan under QGL01, qRAD Consulting can determine your need for a Plan, and develop it for you.

Radiation safety and regulatory  services

qRAD Consulting can provide the following services

  • certification of devices and facilities - industry & research (including Type Testing)
  • writing your Radiation Safety and Protection Plans (RSPP)
  • contract RSO
  • radiation safety audits
  • radiation risk assessments
  • radiation safety advice
Contaminated land investigation and auditing

Auditor or SQP and need an expert in radiation contamination to complete your CLIDs? - let qRAD Consulting help.

With over 20 years experience in managing  radiologically contaminated lands in Queensland and New South Wales, qRAD Consulting can assist you.

Custom training and advisory services

Let qRAD Consulting develop custom radiation training and presentation programs for your business, from general radiation induction packages to dissemination of investigation and incident findings to staff, the public and the media.

qRAD Consulting is also available for promoting radiation sciences at schools (no fee) and community groups.


qRAD Consulting can provide a wide range of services. Our services are delivered by a professional consultant with many years of working in the Queensland government sector; from assisting with legislation development, meeting regulatory obligations, certification of radiation devices and facilities (industrial and research sector), to NORM assessment and management. This experience is backed up by an extensive knowledge of radioanalytical techniques, assessment & investigation methodologies, and radiation related research programs.

While qRAD Consulting does not have its own radioanalytical laboratory, we match the client's need to the best radioanalytical laboratory service providers in the country.  This way, you will always get the best data and information, and are not paying for results you don't need!

Please download and read the qRAD Consulting SERVICES BROCHURE, and then contact us to discuss how we can best address your needs.

ABOUT qRAD Consulting

Principal Consultant

With over 30 years experience in radiation science, safety and regulation, Ross has the right background mix to meet all your needs. Whilst working with the Queensland Government he commissioned the Queensland Radioactive Waste Store, established an IAEA - ALMERA radioanalytical laboratory and delivered a $1M dollar redevelopment of his work unit facilities - Radiation & Nuclear Sciences. Ross' recent interests include radon surveys and developing  standard methods for reconstruction of baseline data for rehabilitation.  curriculum vitae


qRAD works with tertiary institutions and industry in developing collaborative research programs and the supervision of postgraduate students.

Ross is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Queensland University of Technology.

Contact qRAD Consulting with your research ideas.


Having the right radiation survey meters and instruments are the key to great outcomes in management of radiation sources.  Characterisation of low level environmental survey instruments is a qRAD Consulting specialty.

qRAD Consulting use and recommend GF Instruments Gamma Surveyor VARIO survey meters, especially modified for both geophysical, NORM and health physics applications, and Rotem survey meters (Radtronics).GF VARIO (HP)



Technical documents, safety guidelines and general radiation safety information can be found through the following links:

  • for general information about 'radiation' in Australia - ARPANSA
  • International Atomic Energy Agency, for publications - IAEA
  • for Qld licensing forms, the Radiation Safety Act 1999 and Regulations 2010 - Radiation Health



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